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  • justice for Oscar Grant
    Justice for Oscar Grant

    The murder of Oscar Grant by a racist bart police officer in on January 1, 2009 sparked a series of protest and demon

  • Kwame Ture
    Kwame Ture: Class is in Session

    Dr. Kwame Ture speaking to a group of students at San Jose State University about political education.

  • African Awareness
    African Awareness

    RFT aired a special broadcast on 94.1 KPFA.

  • O. J. Simpsion
    The Story of OJ

    Dr. Kwame Ture of the All African People's Revolutionary Party and Dr.

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RFT 360

RFT Archives

Million Man March
The Million Man March

RFT Throwback.

RFT Afrikan Awareness 1997
Afrikan Awareness RFT Throwback Show

Race for the Times was originally a radio show that aired from 1991-1997 at KSJS, San Jose.

Larry Clark
Larry Clark Filmmaker - Passing Through

Filmmaker Larry Clark, talks about his film Passing Through and Black cinema.

Cobi Harris
Definition of Racism