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BPP 10 Point Program

10 point program

The Black Panther Party 10 Point Program. This established the goals and direction of the BPP as formed by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale. Ragesouljah puts together the visuals with historical footage of the realities of the 10 Point Program. 

Herman Ferguson - A Unlikely Hero

RFT Presents "Who is Herman Ferguson?"

Founding member of Malcolm X's OAAU
Help Organize the Republic of New Afrika
A Member of Revolutionary Action Movement (RAM)

RFT caught up with Herman Ferguson (RIP) at the oldest Black Bookstore in America, Marcus Books in Oakland Ca. 

Who Gave the 'Messenger' the Message?

Omali Yeshitela, formed the African People's Socialist Party in 1972, and build the Uhuru Movement, and African Socialist International. Omali has dedicated his life to fighting for African Freedom everywhere. In 1995 Omali Yeshitela spoke at San Jose State University, where a relationship with RFT (Race for the Times) flourished. Regular conversations and airing of Omali began on KSJS, San Jose State Radio with RFT, even at one point producing a show for Uhuru Movement.

Dhoruba On Fiyah!

Dhoruba Bin Wahad, writer, former Black Panther, former Political Prisoner and Co-Founder of the BLA (Black Liberation Army). In May 1971, 2 separate shootings of NY Police Officers occurred. Dhoruba was picked up and charged with participating. The result was 3 trials, 1 hung jury, 1 mistrial and finally a guilty verdict; he was sentenced to 25 years to life. Dhoruba served 19 years in prison. In 1975 after the revelation of COINTELPRO, (covert FBI operation that set up and killed many Black Liberation freedom fighters) Dhoruba sued the FBI and the NYPD.

Salute George Jackson The Dragon

George Lester Jackson (September 23, 1941 – August 21, 1971)

Footage of his funeral at St. Augustine's Episcopal Church in Oakland on August 28, 1971

More Black Panther Party history at footage:

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