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Dhoruba On Fiyah!

Dhoruba Bin Wahad, writer, former Black Panther, former Political Prisoner and Co-Founder of the BLA (Black Liberation Army). In May 1971, 2 separate shootings of NY Police Officers occurred. Dhoruba was picked up and charged with participating. The result was 3 trials, 1 hung jury, 1 mistrial and finally a guilty verdict; he was sentenced to 25 years to life. Dhoruba served 19 years in prison. In 1975 after the revelation of COINTELPRO, (covert FBI operation that set up and killed many Black Liberation freedom fighters) Dhoruba sued the FBI and the NYPD.

Albert Woodfox Angola 3

The Angola 3. American Political Prisoners. ..Robert King, Herman Wallace and Albert Woodfox. While incarcerated at Louisiana State Penitentiary, the men founded a prison chapter of the Black Panther Party. Working against inhumane prison conditions, the men organized prisoners, and started hunger strikes. in 1972 the men were falsely convicted of a murder of a prison guard; only to serve record times in solitary confinement. Albert spent 44 years incarcerated nearly 43 in solitary, the most of any prisoner in american history. After work to free the men, Woodfox was released in Feb 2016.

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