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Richard Dedeaux Watts Prophet Tribute

A tribute to Richard Dedeaux of the Watts Prophets. After the passing of one of the founding members of The Watts Prophets, the remaining members got together with the community in remembrance at the historic Mavericks Flat on Crenshaw in Los Angeles. The Watts Prophets began 1967 after meeting at the Watts Righters workshops. Their raw brand of poetry was the precursor to Rap Music. The Watts Prophets consisted of Richard Dedeaux, Father Amde Hamilton (born Anthony Hamilton), and Otis O'Solomon, with DeeDee McNeil also appear on some music.

RFT Trailer #2 Amiri Baraka

We spoke to Baba Amiri Baraka a giant in Black Arts, he is featured in "RFT The Documental" Coming Soon.

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