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R.A.P.6-16-71 til 9-13-96

2pac Amaru Shakur·





1996 before the term "blog" was even used a small upstart Black media and Hip Hop website Daundaground  (also ran by Dj Rage and LBH) posted this article written by yours truly <a href="">Ragesouljah</a> .  Times have changed, but this article is UNEDITED as it appeared on the internet in 199sick. That means i havent gone back to update this article from 1996 except where noted. Some of the photos are linked to pertinent info, click to find out more.



UNHEARD phone call Tupac Shakur and Sanyika Shakur (Monster Kody), 1995


The Following article is from RFT media. 



Rest Afrikan prophet, rest. Tupac Shakur, a self proclaimed warrior, an artist, a poet an actor and a rapper. All Afrikan men in Amerikkka must learn a lesson of survival. We have been told of Darwin’s’ theory of the “survival of the fittest,” and we have said on the street “only the strong survive;” so how can we relate this to our experience and existence. Afrikan men are trapped in a racist, oppressive capitalist system, which feeds on our destruction; we are living in Babylon itself. So in this race for survival we must chose our methods, and our weapons of defense. The path we take in our lives is our choice.... or is it?


Afrikan men are trapped in a racist, oppressive capitalist system, which feeds on Black Men’s destruction. Tupac Shakur was just another Black Man caught in Babylon that is now gone too soon...or was he?

With all that this brother had lived through in his 25 years we must attempt to draw reasonable conclusions from his life and legacy.


What brings some Afrikan men from oppressed living to national status?


Black Men can reach this point; by 2 different ways Amerikkkan kulture tells us. You can either assimilate and align with this system of oppression, or you can rebel against it; and will reach rapid prominence (the former point supported by Judge Clarence Thomas, Colin Powell, O.J. Simpson, C. Delores Tucker.... etc.). You are not straggling the line you are either an ally or and enemy of the establishment.


Vis a vies’...A Black Man accused of a crime gets more coverage and a headline story while a white man convicted of crime gets less exposure.


This has taken on monumental proportions in the decade of O.J. inspired news and MMM inspired raps. Orenthal James Simspon aligned with the system while also rebelling against it. He by many accounts has strayed from the community from whence he came to assimilate into a fantasy white world to live, party, and love among his slave owners. These same slave owners I might add, that steam when they hear of a pure and holy white woman running down to the slave quarters to retrieve a Big, Black, Buck. These bucks that became the hub of the owners hatred; who were then often found mutilated, hung, and castrated. As was Emmitt Till, Timothy Lee*, and other victims of white supremacy. So when there is a successful Black Man with a white woman you are again an enemy of the establishment that was built for angry white males. O.J. became too strong economically, and too much out of his ‘place,’ under white folks. Therefore he became and enemy... and now a public enemy...


In relation to Tupac Amaur Shakur, Orenthal James Simpsons case teaches us some lessons. What was O.J. made out to be, besides being a poster boy for Amerikkkas problems? He was pictured and called a ‘Thug’, a woman beating, loud talking, and animalistic killer!!!! (Now they say he is sexually harassing a teen-age white girl in court).

As brother Tupac made his place in life, and went down one of the paths before him, we saw him align himself with oppressed peoples as an oppressed Black Man.


“.... Trapped in a Ghetto of Seclusion...” Tupac donned “thug-life”, and became an open enemy of the establishment and his oppressors.


“...they hate when real niggaz bust/ they hate when I cuss/ they threaten to bust/ they had enough of us/ I bust when I bust/ and cuss when I must/ they give me a charge for sales...for selling tales of young black males”


The danger of 2pacs words and messages suddenly arose around his rise to national status. Almost simultaneously a negative campaign in press, other media and the streets surrounded him. How many of his many critics have really tracked his music or lyrics? If not, just join the legions of those who have bought old 2pac Lps and are studying the poetry for power. For real criticism can only be made if you know who or what you are really criticizing.

So, what can we really say about Pac. Am I stating in this essay that he is an innocent victim? NO. Even Pac recants that. Well then am I saying he has no responsibility or repercussion for living like a Thug? NO. But we must understand this. Every action has an equal or opposite reaction. Tupac did not grow up or live in a vacuum.

He learned “Thug Living” From the government and capitalists he resided under. He was thrown a bad hand, and he emulated what he learned (whether you believe bad or good) to rise from the gutter.

Listening to all of Pac’s lyrics he willingly accepts responsibility for his negative living. When we make mistakes in life it takes understanding, moral strength, and time to better oneself. Whether the community supports these changes is a different situation. Tupac’s learning of how to live. Was played out for the world to see and the media to feast on. Pac understood and stated he realized his wrongs and troubles and realized he is just a reciprocal of Black men in Ameikkka today. He lived like all black men.. trying to out run being a statistic. Tupac Amaur Shakur did not make it.

BM are 3% of US pop.BM are 50% of Federal Prison Population1 of 4 BM 15-25 are in the system1 out of 5 BM will be dead or in jail in the year 2000.


So if you are black you’re doomed to be one of these.... no but your doomed to have to struggle not to be one.

The number one employer in ESO is who?The number one employer in Marin City is who?Where is it that our young black male’s work.McDonalds, A law office, a factory? The post office?well, close.... it is the government....but the brothers on “my block” don’t handle stamps and letter mail, they handle sacks and money mail. Just ask the CIA, (Crack Infestation Agency). To put this in context we must look at Amerikkka’s drug ‘problem’ and its relationship to Black Males. We Afrikans were released from chattel slavery and stepped right into economic servitude. This was the reason behind sharecropping. An Afrikan maintained land and crops that belonged to a white landowner. The owner made sure, the Afrikan always owed money and never could escape the cycle of sharecropping; which was in effect still slavery.

Afrikans were still 3/5 s of a hue-man and were placed across the train tracks we built. So in actuality how were Afrikans free then...?


Look at Amendment 13; which most of Black America is so happy to have, but have never actually read.

SECTION 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. SECTION 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.Proposed January 31, 1865; ratified December 6, 1865; certified December 18, 1865.


Now think about it.It states in Kings English slavery exists and can.... in punishment for a crime. So I ask, what specifies a crime, and what is duly convicted?

So, then we enter our current slavery.... economic....By simply making sure no jobs exist across the tracks you will instill hopelessness, despair, and poor living and crime. With crime you get “criminals” in the Prison system; which turns out free labor for corporations. Free labor. Better termed in Amendment 13 as slaves...

That is all prisons are really for.Look at what black males are faced with in this new slavery society:

  • 3 strikes provides corporations with even more workers (slaves); they even get a lifetime contract!!
  • Crack brought by the CIA. Crack laws that see to it that its consumers and sellers, that are primarily Afrikan (white people use the most cocaine though) because of cocaine’s accessibility when its a rock, get 3 times as much harsh sentences by law than powder cocaine abusers, who by all stats are mostly white.
  • weapons that flood the communities with aid from outside conspirators.
  • racist institutions that do not educate or liberate us.
  • racist rogue cops that treats Afrikan men like Rodney King and
  • parents that do not listen to the children and view them as the “enemy”.

All these odds and more that contribute to the Me Against the World mentality that surrounds Black youth like Tupac.

Turning directly to Tupac’s life you must be aware of his life in relating to his music and his “THUG LIFE”. Tupac Amaru Shakur was born in February 1971. His mother, Afeni Shakur was a known Black Panther and his ‘real’ father was Billy Garland (who Pac would not find till adulthood). Pac’s stepfather is Mutulu Shakur, an incarcerated political prisoner who was jailed in connection of the liberation of Assata Shakur. So from an early age Pac was introduced to the ‘politics of liberation,’ and the hell of incarceration. Afeni was jailed in NY state and brought up on charges of conspiracy to bomb areas in NY. Pac as the tale goes was ‘born in jail,’ but in actuality when he was born on June 16th, 1971, Afeni Shakur was in a woman’s house of detention. Afeni was a known target of the government’s Cointelpro Program that set out to defame, disrupt, and destroy black agitators and revolutionary warriors.

“ prevent the rise of a Black messiah...”

From the first spark of Amerikkka’s bluntness of Black oppression, Pac as a baby had dirty lungs. Before his birth even took place, Tupac Amaru Shakur had enemies...... not necessarily “jealous niggas”; not Stretch Armstrong, Biggie Smalls, or Mobb Deep; but Cointelpro and all other police agencies that track revolutionaries and their offspring.

While living in the NY ghettos Pac was moved to the Bronx to Harlem. Tupac’s preacher and spiritual leader there, was quoted as relaying a small but all-important tale. The preacher one day asked the young brother what he wanted to be when he grew up. The answer: A Revolutionary!

That is a profound statement, even from a teenager. To know the word and be conscious of its meaning in the context of black oppression and Black Nationalism, is a revelation that can be traced to his parents. The family’s travels soon led to Baltimore, where Tupac enrolled in the Julliard School of Arts. At this school Pac danced ballet, performed in a production of A Raisin in the Sun, and began writing rhymes. Then to the west coast where they settled in Marin City, and the Bay Area and Oaktown became his turf. The neutralizer the CIA and other government agencies created to destroy the black community, CRACK, became Pac’s newest family member. His mother the revolutionary succumbed to the rock, and became an addict; and Pac a D-Boy.


“.. I blame my mother for turnin my brotha into a crack baby....”

Tupac had done work as MC NY with Ray Luv, but soon hooked up with Digital Underground to get his first big break in the rap game.

I remember watching Rap City and seeing a young brother named 2pac clownin’ around with the Underground; that brother stole the whole video from those cats.....we saw it then ... what Cointelpro feared the most..... his charisma and intellect and strength..... prevent the rise of a Black messiah, huh. While in Oakland, Tupac was caught in a police incident where the infamous O.P.D. (Oakland Police Dept.), beat Pac for jaywalking. This beating caused head trauma and stress that had caused partial baldness to Pac’s head......thus he donned a bald cut and stood fast. But Tupac lived up to his legacy and did not let it ride. He sued the OPD and won! Best believe he was not liked any more by the Pigs after that.

“....aint no fear in my heart, I represented from the start - indeed/ my momma raised me as a G from birth, be a hustlin mutha fucka till I sees my hurse - no doubt/ I bust a shot for all my niggaz in jail, all the young black males that gots a slang yea-yo/ cuz its a hard life nigga only the strong survive, aint no luv unless a nigga slang drugs & high ........ the city of Oaktown laced me; fought my first case when those punk police tried to break me/ didn’t think the shit was cute, so I gotta lawsuit and made those punk police by my coup!!!! This is how we do this..”

Also early in his career he was brought into court. Turns out some brother shot and killed a pig; the prosecution pointed to what he was listing to before the shooting... 2pacalypse Now... his 1st album. A series of events soon began to circle Pac and his actions. Involving media, rappers, directors, fans, women and all others attracted to this Revolutionary Thug. As Pac puts it ...“I got bustas, hoes, and Police watching me......”

But one incident besides the rape and conviction intrigues me. An incident where Tupac shot two off duty pigs and was not tried. No real details of this case were released. Were the pigs attempting to set Pac up, possibly murder him, as they attempted with Huey, Mumia and countless other black men?




Can we really believe that the FBI and other government agencies left Tupac Shakur be. A son of a Black Panther, a self proclaimed revolutionary, and a messenger who spoke of black oppression, government planned genocide, and the need for black men to be armed in the police states known as Ghettos ~ 2pac. It has been estimated after his death that nearly 90 million 2pac Cds, tapes, and albums are in the hands of his fans worldwide, not including Makaveli, or his other unreleased albums. Did these messages threaten the power structure the same way another Thug in Oakland did 30 years ago.... was he the 90s version of Huey Newton?



“ ... we turning the 90s to the 60s mutha fuckas!!!!!!”

Or possibly would he have been more of a one man threat to capitalism then he?

“all I wanted to be was a souljah a souljah......” 2pac Amaur Shakur



R.A.P.6-16-71 til 9-13-96 2pac Amaru Shakur


Written and Researched by RAGE© 1996 Daundaground



In examination and review of Tupac Shakurs music, and noting his lifestyle, we can attest for his love for material possessions. He even boasts that he became addicted to the $, and the lifestyle. But what was the driving force behind Pac’s actions. The lacking quality of many ‘Gangsta Rappers’, which keeps them from truly being revolutionary, is the force that drives them. After all, there are “.. niggaz in the Rap game only for the money and the fame/ Paparazzi.” But was Mr. Shakur’s only motive “to make much more than six figures...”

There are indications that the money was not his only goal; being 2pac was a revolutionary thug born from hip - hop and the street in the 1990s. But how can a revolutionary mentality be attached to this young man, who seemed to the average public person so detached and hypocritical of the struggle for Black Liberation. In comparison Tupac Shakur had many similarities to the freedom fight Huey Newton. The comparison arises when we examine the similar background between the two souljahs, and study the similar revolutionary transformation Tupac began to partake in his last year. A young Huey Newton ran the streets, and saw himself as a hustler like his brother Melvin. Till a time in Huey’s life where he made a revolutionary maturation. Huey became so powerful, and charismatic that he was set up by the OPD, in an incident that would kill one officer and severely wound Huey. This is similar to what ensued with Pac’s encounter with the 2 policemen. But is very eerie when relating to 2pac’s murder. The facts surrounding the shooting are scarce, but what is known, is that Pac and his nine car entourage was stopped approximately 2 minutes before there attack. By who you ask,,,, why 2 bicycle cops in Las Vegas. It has been reported these 2 cops, stopped an entourage of 9 cars because of expired tags. Now every brother reading this, should get chills..... don’t make sense does it.

Well it should considering that after they continued about a mile around the corner the entourage was opened fire on. So brother Pac some of us know who your real killers are; and they are not on the west or the east but in the white house.

The two thugs, Huey and Pac, were arrested for hustle games, thievery, assault with a deadly weapon and others. But what stands out in Shakur’s life experience is his direct link to the Black Panther Party. Through direct and many indirect ways Pac was taught the courage, drive, and a need for soldiers against our enemies. So he became that. In 2pac’s Wordz of Wisdom, on his first album released in 1993, we get a glimpse at the intelligence and revolutionary spirit in this young man.

Nineteen Hundred and Ninety-Sick.

In October of 1995, 2pac was released from Clinton Correctional Facility. In the seven days following, the 7 day theory, All Eyez on Me, is completed; 27 tracks and a double album. The LP soars to #1 and goes double platinum breaking records on the way. All the rage, passion, and life lessons Pac endures in the halls of cement, bars, and brick are released. Yet a masterpiece of musical and poetic genius All Eyez, is arguably his most immature project. He raps revelation of money, busta ass niggazs, and ‘hoes’. Why?

“I got bustas, hoes and Po-lice watching me..”

In explanation he is being reactionary to the assault of his enemies. His tendency to dwell on and become obsessed with his pain is shattering. How many Black Men do you know who has shot at police, cursed them in music for years and is the son of Black Panthers. And we wonder about his Bullet Proof vest always being on and the need for him always to be strapped. As well as his lust for money, Mr. Shakur consciousness and qualities as a leader have grown since first hitting the public eye.

Whether you bump his music or not it must be recognized he has a following of fans and comrades. The charisma and courage this Black Man possessed could not be rivaled of those of his generation. His thug charm and thug passion was captured by his music and his acting in films and videos. His intelligence and prolific use of vocabulary shoot as hard as a 9mm Gloc.

So we ask what are the themes and messages of this wanna be revolutionary thug? Has all that has been said in praise and defense of 2pac be reiterated elsewhere. Of course. Unlike Mumia, Huey, Malcolm, and other leaders of their time 2pac has not blessed us with books or writings. Alas! but he has... five 2pac Albums and countless singles, Lp’s and undaground hits all have Pac’s lyrics and spirit. That will out power a hardback any day. how many black males have read “The Autobiography of Malcolm X”? Now how many have a 2pac album. No comparison.


But the reality is 2pac Shakur is very different from Huey and Malcolm. The legacy of those 2 leaders left years of struggle, organization , revolutionary programs, ideologies and power instilled in the people. But did Pac have to have a revolutionary record such as these to move the masses of people?

Let’s get deeper. It’s time to bring it. The lyrical style of 2pac the rapper can be compared to one known for his positively, Chuck D. Chuck D, uses a type of scatterap, where metaphors, adjectives, verbs and nouns are flipped to reach a double meaning. With this style the artist can introduce different themes and messages through just one verse, while maintaining continuity. Who really felt Chuck when he said “in 95 you’ll raise your fist to this... yes united we stand, united we fall, together we can stand tall.... brothers gonna work it out!!”

This simple 2 line phrase in Public Enemy’s “Brothers Gonna Work it Out,” released in 1989 set the stage for the Million Man March in 1996. When I spoke to Chuck D, in a 1996 interview his explanation was this...

“Sometimes it just comes to you, I knew nothing... it just came out, it felt right.” ~ Chuck D

Was Chuck’s message spiritual.. was the spirit in our brother to deliver that message to the oppressed Afrikans in Amerikkka? Was that same spirit in Pac? That is a rhetorical question, it can not be answered but we can listen and hear the hidden messages and meanings in Pac’s own Wordz of Wisdom.

One driving point in his music is the War-Mentality. Tupac saw himself as a warrior, a solider and all those who were down were too... and all those against it were busta ass niggaz and enemies. On an interview on Black Entertainment Television , Suge Knight spoke of the seriousness of Pac and his enemies.

“...Pac took on anyone who he felt was fake...” ~ Suge Knight

Even on his newest album Tupac recants to his listeners his was with artists out to stop, discredit and kill him, his music and reputation. On “Against All Odds” he talks of Nas, Mobb Deep, Puffy, Biggie and Stretch; as well as others. So these attacks on Pac merited a warriors response.

“ I take this war shit deeply; seen, to many real playas fall to let these bitch niggaz beat me - bust it”

Part of this persona of Macavelli the warrior is a military mind. “Military Mind,” is what Pac told the brothers on the block to work towards. In the 2 year time since 2pac was shot in NY, you can hear the “military mind” state in his music. If we examine some of the messages in his songs from this time we will see an interesting progression in his philosophies.

“find a way to make it out the game....”“.. be proud to be black”“... put this tape in your box when you runnin from the cops....”“.. get off your ass if you tryn’n to get a million....”

Like many other powerful black orators, 2pac gained insight and wisdom from Hell. In the walls of Clinton Correctional Facility, 2pac read revolutionary work and debated with his comrades in hell. He has spoke of conversations on God, and struggle. He spoke with the NOI, the 5% Nation, and other organized groups in the pen.

“To my homeboys in Clinton Max doing they bid; raise hell to this real shit and feel this; when they turn out the lights I’ll be there in the dark; love eternal from my heart”

Brother Pac not only came out of prison and completed an album, but in his music after that time we began to hear a transformation. His final album reveals a 360 degrees change of focus. In his interview with Vibe he gives insight to his new direction.

“ “

With the track “White Man’s World,” he steps into the light. He has always maintained a level of consciousness in where his content was been; but we now began to glimpse at where he was going. From the inception of the bass line we are pimp slapped with righteousness. The hollow echo of a scene from “X,” sets the stage.

“You go bustin’ your fist against a stone wall - you are not using your brain - that’s what the white man wants you to do - look at ya, what makes you ashamed of being black?!”

This song is 2pac’s message to black youth, in a sense his legacy in 1 song. He is speaking to me, and he is speaking to you; from his grave. He speaks to the ‘ghetto mutha fuckas’, with sincerity that he realizes Thug livin’ is destructive and detrimental .. and he realizes Thug livin’ “is what the white man wants you to do.”



This powerful and spiritual song will definitely inspire and move the masses. November 7th 1996 will be remembered for the day Tupac was reincarnated as Macavelli. This 25 year old black male, this D-boy, this rapper, this actor, this ridah, panther, this ex-convict, this leader, this messenger, this revolutionary thug leaves his life and legacy to the media and leaves his strength, fearlessness, compassion, courage, and life lessons of game and struggle to his people. November 7h, 1996, the day Tupac ends and Macavelli begins; the infamous D day of 209 passing; Tupac Amaur Shakur gives you this message:

“They can’t stop us. Been here all this time and they aint took us out. They can never take us out. No matter what they say - about us being extinct; endangered species... We aint never gonna leave this.... we aint never gonna walk off this planet unless you choose to. Use your brain, Use your brain. It aint them that’s killin us, its us killin us. It aint them thats knocking us of, its us thats knocking us off. I’m telling you, you betta watch it.. or be a victim, a victim in this white mans world.”

R.A.P. Tupac Amaur Shakur


Tupac is a rapper and his lyrics tell these stories.All that lacks in some of many artists powerful message to the youth of today is ideology...but ironical with his work and his death “THUG LIFE” will live forever.

“THUG LIFE” is in a sense a unconnected form of ideology. T-H-U-G L-I-F-E : THE HATE U GAVE LIL’ INFANTS, FUCK EVERYBODY.Tupac's acronym for Thug life. 2pac looked upon Thug Life before jail as his mission for the Afrikan community. a support group a network, a rap group a philosophy and a organization. An organization? An organization that was to be lead by 2pac, Monster Kody (aka Sanyika Shakur), and Mike Tyson. But it was never brought to fruition.




But I ask what has been brought to fruition since this death and since this writing.

Notorious BIG - RIP.WEST COAST / EAST COAST L.I.F.E.In the wake of another untimely death of charismatic hip hop leader, the hip hop community has started a healing and maturing process. With the help of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, a hip hop summit has ensued. Out of this summit, we will have a unity album, and unity tour, and an organized group of conscious rappers and hip hop activists. Who said 2pac was not a leader, or a prophet, was this not what he by himself was attempting to do before the oppressors murdered him? RIP PAC, we luv you and now are just beginning to understand your thug stance.


“all I wanted to be was a souljah a souljah......” 2pac Amaur Shakur


The above article/essay was written in 1996 and was unedited, and remains unedited... since this writing there have been numerous books and films, such as 

Biggie and Tupac



and the book The FBI War on Tupac, by John Potash.



As of this writing the Film "CITY OF LIES" with Johnny Depp has been PULLED from release, without explanation. Are the LAPD involved in using their pressure and connects with Hollywood, to shut it down? While more films, books, and tv shows come out exploiting the Life and Death of Tupac Shakur and Afeni Shakur, no real action is taking place to investigate government and police agencies knowledge of what happened to Tupac. 






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