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Who Gave the 'Messenger' the Message?

Omali Yeshitela, formed the African People's Socialist Party in 1972, and build the Uhuru Movement, and African Socialist International. Omali has dedicated his life to fighting for African Freedom everywhere. In 1995 Omali Yeshitela spoke at San Jose State University, where a relationship with RFT (Race for the Times) flourished. Regular conversations and airing of Omali began on KSJS, San Jose State Radio with RFT, even at one point producing a show for Uhuru Movement. In 2014 we talked with Omali about the information that he revealed and how it soon become apart of a series of articles written by Gary Webb. We discuss where #GaryWebb gets his message.. the subject of the new film #KillTheMessenger, Gary Webb wrote for the San Jose Mercury News, the same city where RFT aired weekly, and aired a in-depth speech about Crack Cocaine by Chairman Omali Yeshitela prior to the publication of "The Dark Alliance."

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